Coronavirus information for companies in North Rhine-Westphalia
Various information portals are available to member companies for dealing with the corona pandemic: in addition to a central VDMA website, the North Rhine-Westphalia regional association also offers a constantly updated website with NRW-specific information.
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When orders break away or fear of losing one's own job arises, people can sometimes lose their positive mindset or become discouraged.
What is possible again where? Or not?
Drones can already perform extensive tasks in industry today and there are also numerous application possibilities for mechanical engineering.
On 14 September 2020, Economics and Digital Affairs Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart and Petra Wassner, Managing Director of the state-owned economic development agency NRW.INVEST, presented the NRW.INVEST AWARD 2020 to four international companies.
Machine exports from North Rhine-Westphalia declined in the first half of 2020 and suffered from the effects of the corona pandemic, particularly in the second quarter.
The Lern- und Forschungsfabrik (LFF) in Bochum again hosted the topic "Lean Management" on January 29, 2020. After the events on Lean Production and Lean Administration had already taken place there, this time the focus was on the topic "Maintenance".
Even if the current business model is going well, it is worth examining to what extent business areas can be expanded and where new opportunities for acquiring new customers or increasing sales could lie.
From 5 January 2021, all mechanical and plant engineering companies, from small businesses to large corporations, will be obliged to report substances of very high concern. This obligation applies to all suppliers along the supply chain - for manufacturers as well as for distributors.
The topic "self-marketing" often leads a shadowy existence for assistants. It is a topic that women, in particular, often still shy away from. And wrongly so, because good self-marketing is only about cleverly putting one's own skills in the right light in the right places.
60,000 euros for the green economy: With the newly conceived Umweltwirtschaftspreis.NRW, which will be awarded for the first time in 2020, NRW.BANK and the NRW Environment Ministry are putting outstanding companies in the spotlight that combine economic success and ecological impact with innovative products or services.
Here you will find the news archive of the VDMA NRW.


Innovations are born in North Rhine-Westphalia. We would like to take the dialogue between the engaged parties in R&D in business and science to a new level. We provide contacts within university facilities and list some important projects to help you find the correct contacts.
North Rhine-Westphalia has the best prerequisites for the digital age. Companies in mechanical engineering and production technology are particularly in demand as enablers and problem solvers. They act as suppliers of industrie 4.0 components, as integrators of IK technologies and sensor technology into their products, and last but not least as users of industrie 4.0 solutions to optimize their own production processes.
Digitalization and Industrie 4.0 bring with them a new value-added logic that is a complex challenge for all involved. ProduktionNRW has defined five thematic areas that need to be analysed, discussed and promoted.

Industry Dates

Industry Dates
Here you find dates for events relevant to the industry.
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Innovations made in NRW - Artificial Intelligence
The innovation magazine of ProduktionNRW shows how companies are approaching their future vision "Industry 4.0" by implementing artificial intelligence projects. The magazine presents interesting entrepreneurial approaches on 32 pages.
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