The following information gives an overview about the international activities in North Rhine-Westphalia with regards to subsidies and promotions that are of interest for the mechanical engineering industry.
Small and medium-sized enterprises from North Rhine-Westphalia that would like to exhibit together at a foreign trade fair of their choice can combine to form a group of at least three companies and receive financial support from the small group promotion programme.
Trade fairs are very important in terms of international marketing. The high costs make it particularly important to choose the right fairs to present your company and its products.
The work done by VDMA NRW and the ProduktionNRW cluster gives them contact with many clusters in other countries. These may involve many different situations and fields of activity. The common thread is their interest in international contact and cooperation in the area of investment goods.
Nirugaa Natkunarajah
Nirugaa Natkunarajah
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